About Us

Vision Statement:

To create and continue in perpetuity the Americans Coordination Institute by educating and assisting in the use of the Coordination process. To restore local government to its rightful place in the federal government system while protecting the rights of the people.

Mission Statement:

Strengthen federalism by training and assisting local governments to use the coordination process through which Congress and the President have ordered all federal agencies to use every practicable means to the fullest extent possible to reach consistency with local plans and policies.

What is “coordination”?

“The coordination process established by Congress mandates federal agencies to meet in a government to government relationship with local governments in order for each federal agency to use every practicable means to reach consistency with local policy to the fullest extent possible.”

This “coordination” can change America.

Americans Coordination Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Latest News

Spokane County Treasurer Steps Up for the Residents of his County

The elected Treasurer of Spokane County, Washington, has taken a courageous step on behalf of his constituents. As a single elected official, he has invoked the coordination process created in federal law to challenge the acquisition of a Washington based power company by a Canadian homed and owned power company. …

Gov. John Evans

Americans Coordination Institute is Open for Business

The Interim CEO, James Quintana opened the Corporation’s first bank account this week in the D.L. Evans Bank in Nampa, Idaho. The corporation’s vision coordinator Parrish Miller will have the donation area of the website completed this week so that contributors and members can begin donating, with the contributions going …

Remembering my Mentor in Coordination, Bert Smith

Two years ago, today I wrote a tribute to my good friend and mentor in coordination Bert Smith who passed away on March 31 of that year, 2016. Bert was 96 years young and was still “mentally in it”. I think of him almost daily at one point or another …