Gov. John Evans

Americans Coordination Institute is Open for Business

The Interim CEO, James Quintana opened the Corporation’s first bank account this week in the D.L. Evans Bank in Nampa, Idaho. The corporation’s vision coordinator Parrish Miller will have the donation area of the website completed this week so that contributors and members can begin donating, with the contributions going directly into the account.

Quintana said, “I chose D.L. Evans Bank at the request of our counsel, Fred Kelly Grant who served as counsel to the late Governor John Evans whose family founded the bank. Fred thought it very fitting that this last great project of his have a connection with the Governor.”

Grant said, “I know he would be pleased. I helped him get the Local Land Use Planning Act passed over 40 years ago; his vision was that local government should be the lead governing level for the people. I believe he would be all for the Institute that will help local governments represent their people’s interests to the highest level of quality. He was a great man, a memorable and historic Governor and a warm friend and neighbor.”

Evans was serving as the elected Lt. Governor when Governor Cecil D. Andrus was tabbed by President Jimmy Carter to serve as Secretary of Interior. Grant was serving as counsel to Andrus and counsel and court planner for the Law Enforcement Planning Commission of the Governor at the time. He remained on at the Law Enforcement Planning Commission and accepted Evans’ appointment to continue as counsel when Evans became Governor by succession and then was elected in his own right at the election of 19. “I remember the hurried, all night sessions getting his Administration ready because he said he wanted to start on the run and avoid a period of lag. He began writing his inaugural address and assigned different subject areas to six of us for ideas. Somehow, from all that mixed input he was able to carve out a positive speech inviting the people of Idaho to travel with him on a vigorous trip. He never let them down.”

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